What We Do

We aim to inform you on how cyber security can affect your business or your individual data. Cyber Attackers "Hackers" are currently holding data for ransom and even steal personal or business data that can destroy your critical system infrastructure.  Penetration testing to see how your network would look from a hackers point of view.  Cyber Guy Labs will inform you of any security vulnerabilities located within your network and inform you what needs to be done to protect your infrastructure.  

What We Offer

A piece of mind that your data will be secure from these Cyber Attackers.  Let Cyber Guy Labs be your "Go To Guy" for all your cyber needs.


Please see the Contact Us page and complete the information, so we may contact you to discuss your cyber needs.

In the spotlight

The choice of cyber security as a defense in today's technology world is indeed confusing and, not limited to just a PC anymore. Despite all the hype we are fed about new features and the latest technology, an essential requirement for securing your data remains the focus of Cyber Guy Labs. And although the technical aspects of cyber security undoubtedly require a lot of study and the qualifications requested in the profession which is not easily obtained, the trained technician's and sharpened senses necessary for setting up and keeping your data secure are things that can not be learned by just anyone overnight.  Technology is consistently changing, and Cyber Guy Labs is always staying up to date with the changes.  

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